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At Health Ridge Network LLC in Everett, WA we offer Visceral Manipulation at the hands of highly-qualified masseuses. This revolutionary treatment was often viewed as a potential hoax until repeated medical studies conducted to the highest standards of the scientific method proved it to be powerfully effective. It remains one of the most impressive massage techniques available today.

Visceral Manipulation was initially developed by an osteopath in France named Jean-Pierre Barral. He discovered that, at the optimum state of health, the relationship between organs, or viscera, and assorted bodily structures, including muscles, membranes, bones, and fasciae, remains stable. This is the case despite the endless varieties of motion the body endures.

However, when one organ cannot move in agreement with the neighboring viscera, due to adhesions, abnormal tone, or displacement, the organ can work against the rest of the body’s organs and structures. The ensuing disharmony can create abnormal fixed points of tension, which the body is then compelled to move around. This chronic irritation paves the way for both dysfunction and disease.

Visceral Manipulation at Health Ridge Network LLC is a gently applied manual therapy. It works through the visceral system of the body, including the heart, the liver, the intestines, and the other internal organs, in order to locate and then alleviate the abnormal points of tension.

Visceral Manipulation employs specially placed manual force that works to encourage normal mobility, motion, and tone of viscera and connective tissue. Our trained practitioners at Health Ridge Network LLC will use the rhythmic motion of the visceral system in order to evaluate exactly how abnormal forces overlap and affect the body forces normally at work.

This gentle manipulation can improve the functioning of both individual organs and the systems the in which the organs function, and support the fundamental integrity of the whole body. If you feel that something is wrong in your body, but you cannot figure out exactly what it is, Visceral Manipulation often helps.

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